The Kore

Supercharging Data Science

The Kore

The simplest, fastest way to embed AI into your business. The Kore combines AutoML and Cloud scale to enable rapid application of scalable, secure AI delivery.

Using the Kore you can move from data to deployment in a day.



Many of the processes in data science are repetitive, time consuming and involve lots of trial and error. The Kore uses cloud parallelism and machine learning to efficiently find the optimal data science approach to any problem.


The Kore allows you to build an top tier machine learning model and create a proof of concept at remarkable speed. Publish high scoring models behind a REST API in seconds, ready for integration into product development.


Rapid deployment does not equal poor performance. The Kore can spin up multiple parallel, redundant cloud instances to take a proof of concept to enterprise level scale.


The Kore leverages cloud technologies, but can be deployed on your own servers in a completely secure environment, enabling cutting edge AI techniques without putting your business or customer data at risk.

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